$535,000 FUNDED / SBA

One day, Tanny received a text message from us advertised loans that we offer. He was so kind gave us a call back and said: “I got approved from my bank already for my nails salon and a restaurant. It had been 3 months now and he was about to close very soon!” Jen was so glad and responded “I’m so glad that you got it approved, but just be careful because nothing 100% sure until a bank funds. If last minutes, if anything does not work out, please we are here to help”.

Two weeks later, Tanny called and said in disappointment “The loan is failed. Can you help me? My wife and I could not sleep in 3 months already.”….

Here, we care each client as our family member. In the end of the day, yes, we need to bring food on the table but what makes you worry, stressed, we feel the same way and try to save the deal, walk you through and do whatever it takes to get you funded without losing more money and time.

We started our conversations on the phone and point out all details of the deal. Tanny was trying to purchase a vacant building, divide it into two space. One for a nails shop 2,500sf and the other one for a restaurant 2,500sf. Another issue was his bank waited until the last minutes to review his bank statements in the last three months and they could not verify his $5,000; $10,000 deposits… Since there were his cash savings.

At Khang Lending, we work side by side with our decision makers and brought the issues upfront to discuss. That is what makes us different!

We funded Tanny and guess what, he did not pick up our phone call after closing, because he was taking his wife to buy groceries and have a big party at home for that day. You know what, your joy is our joy! Blessings.